Chenana Apartments

Is located out of town just off Chena Pump Road.  This is a 100% assisted housing project based low income housing.  There are 52 units at the site.  Ten 1-bedroom units are housed in a central secured building.   There are thirty (30) 2-bedroom units on site and twelve (12) 3-bedroom units.  The office building houses a community room and laundry.  Heat is furnished and residents are responsible for electricity.  The apartments are close to bus line, UAF. Children are in the West Valley, Ryan and Woodriver. 

HEAT is furnished.  Located on the bus line and close to shopping.

Rents are based on 30 percent of the households income before deductions.  A household can be of any composition.  Our occupancy requirement is 2 persons per bedroom and parents do not have to share a room with a child but can choose to.  

We are open from 9 am to 1 pm Monday through Thursday.  Applications and supporting documents must be turned in at the office, in person or by mail.  Faxed or emailed applications will not be taken.  HAND DELIVER OR MAIL ALL APPLICATIONS.

All properties currently have units ready to rent or coming open.

(Updated 2/7/2018)

Chenana is renting 3 2-bdrm and a 3-bdrm units;

Executive Estates has a 1-bdrm and 2 2-bdrm units;

Little Dipper is renting 2 1-bdrm, 5 2-bdrm and 3 3-bdrm market rate units.  VOUCHERS ARE WELCOME. They accept PETS.

COME CHECK OUT OUR PROPERTIES.  Drive by, stop in and talk to us.  Let's see if we can help you with your housing needs.

Are you interested?  Print an application and visit one of our offices today.  We look forward to meeting you.

Chenana Apartments

1 Bedroom Apartments

All units are contained on one floor.  There is one building for housing one-bedroom units. The building has 5 units upstairs and 5 downstairs.  Two of the downstairs units have handicap features.  

There is a laundry room on each floor for the use of the building's residents.

The units are in secured buildings that require a key access or authorized escort by a resident.

The unit is about 590 sq. feet.

A parking space is provided with an outside outlet to plug the vehicle in.

Minimum Occupancy: 1 person         Maximum Occupancy: 3 persons if one is infant under 1 year

2 Bedroom Apartments

All two bedroom units are found in 2 story apartments commonly know as townhouse style. The bedrooms and bath are found upstairs, with the living and cooking areas downstairs.  

The unit comes with an outside storage closet, parking space and most units an additional visitor parking space, outside outlet to plug in vehicles, water and sewer, heat.  Residents pay for their electricity which includes hot water but not heat for the unit. 

Minimum occupancy: 2 persons (1 adult, 1 child)

Maximum occupancy: 4 persons

3 Bedroom Apartments

All three bedroom units are 2 story apartments commonly known as townhouse style.   The three bedroom units are the middle two units of selected six unit buildings. 

The unit comes with is an outside storage closet, parking space and for most units an additional visitor parking space, outside outlet to plug in vehicles, trash receptacles, water and sewer, and heat.

Residents pay for their own electric, phone and cable if desired.

Minimum Occupancy: 3 persons (1 adult, 2 children if 1 male and 1 female)

Maximum Occupancy: 6 persons