Ben Lomond, Inc is a privately owned construction company that built and operates several low income or assisted housing apartment complexes in Fairbanks Alaska.  Chenana Apartments is located off Chena Pump Road on Amherst Drive.  Executive Estates Apartments is located off Airport Way on Washington Drive.  Little Dipper Apartments is off 17th Avenue on Turner Street.  

The mission of the company is to provide safe, secure and affordable housing for those in need of housing.  


All properties currently have units ready to rent or coming open.

(Updated 4/24/2018)

Chenana is renting 3 2-bdrm units with 3 more coming open;

Executive Estates has 5 2-bdrm units coming open;

Little Dipper is renting 1 1-bdrm, 6 2-bdrm and 3 3-bdrm market rate units.  VOUCHERS ARE WELCOME. They accept PETS.

COME CHECK OUT OUR PROPERTIES.  Drive by, stop in and talk to us.  Let's see if we can help you with your housing needs.

Are you interested?  Print an application and visit one of our offices today.  We look forward to meeting you.

What is Low Income, Assisted and Affordable Housing?

Words that shows an apartment complex is receiving some type of Federal  assistance to make rents more affordable for extremely low, low and lower income households.  

The IRS Tax Credit program is an affordable housing program.  

Section 8 programs such as Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) vouchers or IRHA assistance or project based housing contracts pay a portion of the tenants rent lowering the amount of paid out of pocket from tenant to landlord.

How do I apply?

1. How do I get an application?

Applications can be printed from this website or picked up at one of our offices during regular business hours.  Site management is able to email and fax applications as well.

2.  How do I turn in a complete application? 

Applications can be brought or mailed to any of the apartment complexes with the required documentation.  We do not charge any application fees.

3.  How long will it take to for me to know if I am accepted?

The programs allow a two week processing time.  We will check criminal/sex offender/credit/personal and landlord/living history.  You will be contacted by mail of the status of your application.

Eligibility Requirement

  • Families annual income before deductions does not exceed program income limit.
  • Unit applying for will be families only residence. 
  • Unit size is based on number of family members.
  • Must be willing and able to pay the rent required by the program.
  • U.S. citizen or eligible non citizen
  • Be an eligible student household. (Ask management if this applies)